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Our Story

We are the A Grandparents Love, 
Offering Support When Extended Care Is Necessary

 Many grandmothers are left to care for their children’s children due to many different circumstances, and often struggle due to limited resources and information. A Grandparent’s Love is a nonprofit organization that provides support to grandparents raising their grandchildren after having raised their own kids. A personal story of its founder, Larry W. Brooks is the reason of its existence. Mr. Brooks was raised by his very own grandmother since a toddler. She instilled great values and hardworking skills, but he watched her struggle to care for him and herself. Knowing that this is a growing epidemic, Mr. Brooks wanted to provide for others what no one gave to his grandmother. Forming A Grandparent’s Love ensures that many children will have the same chance for success as Larry W. Brooks. The organization provides information and available resources to the families from local and state governments. Mentorships programs are available to the children, teaching them life skills, household chores, and yard work. Social service programs provide the grandparents with financial resources to purchase household necessities and food. This community based organization is touching the lives of many underserved individuals and creating the village that children need to grow to be emotionally stable, release a sense of possible rejection, and become successful in their future

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